Holidays nearly over: Workshop at Leatherians

Hey everyone! I am back writing! It has been awhile since my previous post.

I have been busy with Chinese New Year, catching up with family and friends while I am in Indonesia. Yeah, I am currently studying at Monash University in Melbourne Australia, and I major in Psychology and Sociology. I have already spent nearly four months in Indonesia. During these four months period, I spent my time catching up with friends,  reading books, watching TV shows, learn French, and contemplating about life and its purposes. 


Today, I’d like to share an amazing and super fun experience that I got from a place called Leatherians! This place is located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta. In this place I get to acquire the basic knowledge on how to make a leather product. I personally love arts and craft, I love to design clothes, shoes, bags, etc. in my leisure time (I should have gone to design school instead of psychology). 


I took the 2 classes and make a pouch for my iPad (since I don’t have one) and paid AUD$ 120 or around Rp.1.200.000,- (The class is worth its price!).  Beside we can customize and design our own item, at the end of this short period classes, we will get a fine leather product that we made and we acquire the basic knowledge on how to make a leather products. So make sure to check out this place! The teacher is super friendly and patient with all of us ^_^ She used to study in London and her name is Yuvi, we call her ci Yuvi. In Indonesia, we tend to call anyone who is older than us with a title. Ci refers to Sis or Sister in English. 

Here are some Picts from the place

This is one of the workshop room

 This is me trying to make mini holes for the stitches. 

        This is me and my final product (I am such a nerd).                       


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