This post is actually my first post! I stopped blogging 5 years ago, deleted my old posts and planning to start new ones. Although I’m still 19, I have learnt and taste some of the bitterness and the sweetness of life. The things that I will write on my blogs are: the lesson that life gives, encouragement, true stories, some religious views, love story and many more. 

Life have taught me many things, such as friendship, relationship, love, heartbreak, hate, happiness, disputes, disappointment, sorrows, oppression and many more. If we list and elaborate the things that life have taught us, it will be a very long list and it can be binded into a pile of essays. Which is the reason why I want to pour everything that has been floating in my mind and clinging deep inside my heart into words. 
Remember the time when you are experiencing afflictions and finally overcome it. Your throat is no longer stifling, your gut and heart are no longer squeezing. You feel relieved as if the morphine finally fused with the blood in your bloodstream. Your heart whisper quietly to you “that is life” or in French “C’est la vie” a quite well-known quotes. Life what is life? Life is a process of us human being shaped and mold. Life is all about being content. Life is about achieving goals. Life is about being success. Life is about loving and being loved. In short, life exist so that we can create meaning to it. Life is just like a white canvas and God gave us crayons so that we can draw something on the canvas. God is just like our art teacher, he gives us crayons and guide us how and what to fill in that “blank space”. 

Now, What does the lesson in life means?  The lesson that life gives, allow us to acquire new things so that we can increase our morality and humanity. What are morality and humanity? Morality is the principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour. On the other hand, humanity is defined as the entire human race or the characteristics that belong uniquely to human beings, such as kindness, mercy and sympathy. Every one must have standards regarding morality and humanity. Despite the many standards, the most righteous one cannot be more than one. There must only be one absolute and right standard. 

What is the point of living life without caring and knowing  about the history and the future of humanity? Or maybe some of you just didn’t care about these. Well there is nothing wrong with giving your brain a “green light” to process and to contemplate about this. To me, living this life is not merely living it without purposes and goals. Humanity must start somewhere and it must end somewhere. There must also at least one purpose in one’s life. Bumping into questions that tickle your tummy such as “how this world is created” “purpose of humanity ” and “what is living a meaningful life” might not be rare. The questions may appear to be simple but beneath these questions, lies numerous psychological, religious and philosophical answer. 

I really do hope that my writings will inspire you. I am not a professional writer, just a dreamer. 

Warmth regards,


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